Five Minute Friday

Today’s word is summer. I haven’t posted it yet so I just thought that I should do it now! I miss the warm weather and not wearing a jacket. I just want the summer like Olaf from Frozen! I miss the beach in Delaware, the icecream truck, and I was annying to the guy. Summer is my favorite season what yours? Comment below what your favorite season is. I really miss everything about summer:(  When I was little I would go to my grandmothers house every single day and have a strawberry Popsicle. I always loved how the summer breeze and almost every thing about summer. I feel like summer is so short I wish everything could slow down. I wish summer was longer and the school days shorter♥   emma via Cpopsicle affirmationompfight   


Happy Earth Day


I am part of the earth

and the earth is apart of me

we have so much peace and beauty

Each honey suckle we suck on

Each stick or stone we throw in the water

Is as beautiful as can be

We celebrate earth because

people made a promise to keep the earth clean

so lets do it♥


Explored - the mothership

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Today, I’m going to tell you about a trip that I’m about to go on. I will be visiting the exciting countries of France, Italy, and Japan. I am ecstatic to be visiting these three countries. They have been on my bucket list for quite a long time. Let’s explore a few things I will need for the trip, and details about the countries’ themselves.

Paris Colors

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Planning my trip:

  • One of the things I will need is to check whether I need a visa to enter these three countries. After much researching, I found that Italy and Japan don’t need a visa if I stay less than 90 days. France requires a visa if you are from a foreign country visiting.
  • Since there are weight limits, I’m going to pack all my mini products.I’m bringing all my mini products so my suitcase is light weight. Also I’m going to pack summer things such as t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, crop tops, shoes, etc.
  • I will travel by airplane from Florida to France. In France, I will use a car to visit sights and places, and then drive to Italy. From Italy, I will then fly to Japan. In Japan, I will sample the cuisine and check out local customs. I will then return to the US flying back to Florida after a total of two weeks.
  • I plan to stay at Hilton hotels all throughout each country. I am a Hilton Diamond Rewards member, and plan to use my perks to travel in style!
  • My budget for this trip is $10,000. The flight alone cost close to $2,000 in advance. Hotels will take another $4,000. I have kept $2,000 for food, and have budgeted $2,000 for gifts and souvenirs.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 4.57.31 PM

On my way:

I am on my way! I flew from Miami International Airport to Paris, France. The flight was a very long seven hours long, but I made it! I was going to spend three days in each country. While in France, I visited the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and then took a tour of the vineyards in the south of France. From France, I drove a car to Italy, where I spent a night in the wonderful town of Rome. I drove down the Italian lakes, sampling the amazing cuisine of fine peppers and squid, and enjoying the beautiful sunshine and views. I ended up in the Almalfi Coast, a spectacular location on the south side of Italy.

From Italy, I took a plane flight to Japan! Japan is such an amazing country, with unique customs and cuisine that I could only imagine. The Japanese adhere to a very strict time schedule, as my train to Tokyo was on time within six seconds of scheduled arrival! I had sushi in a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. At the end of my trip, I visited Mount Nokogiri, where a Buddhist temple with stone carvings were made right into the mountain.

Back Home:

I returned from my trip after an amazing two weeks on the road. I learned quite a bit about the countries of France, Italy, and Japan. I would highly recommend that my friends and family visit these three countries. They are each unique in their own spectacular way. From the amazing cuisine, to ancient customs, each of these three countries will inspire those who visit.


Positano, Italy

Amalfi Coast: Livia Chamelle via Compfight

日本寺大仏・磨崖仏/ Nihonji Buddha・Magabutsu

Mount Nokogiri: Kurosawa Michiyo via Compfight





The Flower

Let the flower grow

Let the flower bloom and the long petals unfold like a butterfly

Let the flower amaze you

When the flower is pretty you take a picture to show it’s natural life

When the flower has no light or water {food} it dies of sadness

When the flower has food it wants to be your favorite hello

and your hardest goodbye♥


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Never Doesn’t Mean Easy

Never Doesn’t Mean Easy

By Sammy H.


I’ve never been under towed  by a wave.

I’ve never have held a gun.

I’ve never been to Walt Disney Land,

But I have been to Walt Disney World.


I’ve never driven a car

Into the wild blue yonder.

I’ve never ridden an elephant,

Or seen a baby elephant.


I’ve never played soccer

Against the best players in the world.

Nor eaten the finest French cuisine

Along the river Rhine.


My life is a simple life

One of happiness and joy.

I’ve never been mean to old folks,

Just simple and kind.

Some say a glass is half empty,

I say a glass is half full,

Waiting to be filled up more.


Student Blogging Challenge Activity #1

This week I am going to write about a special celebration that occurs in India. I will give you three clues to guess which celebration this is!

Clue #1: This celebration has become a national festival celebrated by most Indians regardless of their beliefs.


Clue #2: This festival is named after the clay pots that Indians set ablaze to represent the safety the light provides from darkness and evil.



Clue #3: This festival is celebrated each year between October and November.



The answer is Diwali! Diwali started as a festival that celebrated the harvest each year. India was society based upon crops and agriculture. Indians would worship to Lakshmi, who was the goddess of wealth. Today, Indians celebrate with family, lights, fireworks, and other wild colorful displays. Indians open their doors and set up lamps to invite the goddess Lakshmi into their homes♥


For more information on Diwali! Please visit National Geographic Kids.


Image 1: (http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/diwali/)

Image 2: (http://www.theholidayspot.com)

Image 3: (“What is the Festival of Lights” – http://magazine.eatout.co.ke/history-diwali-the-festival-of-lights/)


5 Minute Monday

So today I’m going to talk about the word proud. There’s always something were proud of and something we live to regret. Comment below what your proud of! I feel like your mom is always prod of who you become no matter how many fight you get in to. I’m proud of my having all of my friends, family, and who I have become. Most people are proud of getting a job, getting good grades, and getting Starbucks. When I think of the word proud I think of the word happiness. ♥


Reading Response

The author of my book, It’s Raining Cupcakes, is Lisa Schroeder.


Three questions that I have about the author are:


  1. Where did you get the idea for the title of the book?


Lisa was driving home from work one day, and she thought that the world was very unhappy. There were lots of world events that were happening, and she thought she would write about something happy. She thought that cupcakes were a happy topic, and decided to write her book about a cupcake shop.


  1. How long have you been writing?


She started writing books when she was a young girl. Lisa’s grandmother saved one of her books called “The Lion’s Valentine,” for 30 years! She started seriously writing books in 2003. She sold her first picture book 2005. She said “I wrote a lot of bad stories and got a lot of rejections before I finally sold a book.”


  1. Do you have any pets?


She has a dog named Stormy, and cat named Sparkles.


Site: http://www.lisaschroederbooks.com/p/books-for-kids.html